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fishfinder 03-12-2006 09:47 PM

Glad to see a new forum
Glad to see a new forum -I missed the old one,Perry Are you going to reopen the store?
Hope to get together for some Huntington harbor fishing

PerryC 03-13-2006 07:43 PM

Hey Pete
Whats up?? I thought we would bump into eachother awhile back, but we never did. I dunno how HH is doing these days, but the hali's are going with the WBS around the corner, so it's about time to get serious :D . I have some new trolling lures I am dying to try out and hook into a nice WSB or ??

We had a slight problem with the old forum and the website, so we felt it best to restart it sorta speak. I miss the old posts also and the information they had, but hopefully we'll be able to lend a hand to those who need some help here and there, and get out and fish more! The store I put on it's own domain at awhile back. The store never went offline, it's just at it's own domain now which is working out alot better.

You still available to get out mid-week for some fishing?


fishfinder 03-15-2006 05:50 PM

Im now a 9 to 5 Mon through Fri. Guy. Keep me in mind when you go out in the future

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