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Default Re: Bait tank pump & battery life

Thanks Perry, as usual you provide great help. I was a bit confused when you say you use 6volt battery (do you have a separate 12v for the fish finder? I don't believe the fish finder will run much under 8v - at least not my Garmin. My FF lets me set an alarm at 8.5V so that I can shut down the bait tank pump and keep using the FF.

From my old days launching satellites the lead-acid batteries DO develop memory and the gel battery I just purchased says "lead-acid gel" and it has some memory.

You are so right about the charger. I used my "smart" auto battery charger on my old 8ah battery and got away with it about 10 times. The 11th time the battery swelled up to about double size and had most of the cells dead or severely damaged. Still kind of worked for a while but died completely.

I went out and bought a new 12v 8ah.

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