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Default Re: ACE Hardware DIY cart

You were wise to revise. You've saved your yak! I think Hobie is the only yak that recommends a scupper cart! If I remember right, you have a cobra. You may wanna cut a pool noodle for cushion pads under the yak, but I suggest you give the ones you have a shakedown test. They might work just fine! I put my strap in the correct configuration on the cart skeleton, and attached it permanently to the cart in position using cable ties. You lean the cart at a 45 degree angle on the ground facing in the direction of the bow, place the yak on the cart,about 1/3 the distance forward from the stern, fasten the strap fairly snugly, then lift the back of the yak up quickly and the cart pops up into positiion. The cart will be in perfect position underneath the yak. No sweat! The bow will be on the ground and the stern in the air when you do this correctly. Finish retightening the strap in the upright position and you're ready to roll. If you ever go out with one of us, we'll demo it! Very simple and no crawling around on the sand under the yak! Piece o cake! Piranha out!
PS, I use the nylon strap with the spring loaded clamp. It's always on the cart and in exactly the right place! THis strap is tighter than Bungees!
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