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Default LBC Crabbin

Took BW's advice and went to "the spot"

Unforutnately I did not take the rest of his advice and go at night
Launched from the Gondolas @ 8 am inside Los Alamitos Bay
Peddled out and around, no parking on the ocean side by claremont

Soaked 2 nets with frozen macs
Seemed like small fish had a good meal.
1 Seal tryed getting a free meal

Ended up with 2 spider crabs.

Fished for 2 bonito, 1 mac, and 1 calico between pulls.

Lots of PB'ers
1 even decided to pull my nets while I went fishing.
Did the silent sprint with the peddle drive
Sarcastically thanked him for checking.
He felt bad offered some macs.
I declined.

Isn't it against the law to disturb other people nets ?

Off the water @ 200 pm
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