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Red face Re: LBC Crabbin

Thanks for the report. Yes, it is illegal to disturb another persons hoop net, flat out. In the 2007 Ocean Sportfishing handbook, under Crustaceans, section 29.80. In the General provisions number 3 /(3) it states "it is unlawful to disturb, move or damage any trap, or remove any saltwater crustacean from a trap that belongs to another person without written permission in possession from the owner of the trap".

I know the terminology uses trap and not hoop net, but I believe the spirit of the law is not to disturb or pull another persons device they are using to crab or catch lobsters. I have been on 2 trips where a kayaker and a boater have had hoops stolen that were in the water. Both of the times, the guy who owned the nets left them a distance away whereas the floats could not be easily seen. Something else you may want to keep in mind is if you place them close to rocks shore anglers are fishing from, sometimes they will try to snag your hoops and take them. When it comes to hoops, you have to keep a close eye on them.

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