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Not sure if this is true or not, but the last night of hooping for lobsters during season I decided to spread my line of nets out a bit wider than normal(maybe 40 yards apart). When Harbor patrol pulled up to check my license etc.. they said that I needed to keep my hoops closer together and be able to have them "in sight at all times" . Now keep in mind all of my hoops use the larger bouys all with 2x3" reflective strips with weights on the bottom and 2 glowsticks that stick straight up and are quite easily seen from quite a distance. But the HP was very adamant that I had to keep my nets closer together and be able to manage them at all times. Now I am fairly new to hooping but does any one have a take on this? The only reason I bring this up, is that dude pulling your trap and I am wondering how far away you were(not trying to sound critical of you just wondering) and if the HP would have bothered you about "keeping closer to your hoop" as they did with me?? I may have to give crabbing a try to see if they taste good?

Thanks Matt
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