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Default Sit in or Sit on kayaks for fishing?

I've owned canoes and whitewater kayaks, but am looking into getting a kayak for fishing on lakes and ponds. I want stability and good tracking, so I'm thinking that a 12' or longer kayak will be the ticket.

I'm seeing a lot of sit in type kayaks that are offered/suggested for fishing. Unless, they're more stable than they look, it would appear that they're just a flip away from dunking me and my fishing gear. For that reason, I would prefer a sit in type kayak. Not to mention, I don't care for the drain holes that are in the decks of the sit on kayaks....but maybe they're not an issue.

Other than personal preference, what's your choice in a kayak for fishing?
What place/function do sit ON kayaks have for fishing?

Your opinions and experiences are appreciated.
Thank you, Outdoorguy57
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