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Default Re: Malibu xfactor vs malibu xtreme

Depends on what your doing, they are both stupidly stable!! Great deck layouts on both and both have great qualities and have survived the rigors of surf launching in La Jolla and places to the south. The Xfactor tends to surf launch better and handles lumpy water and swell better, while the extreme tends to be a little bit better suited to calmer and flatter water. That being said if I was fishing bays and freshwater I would go with the extreme and if I was doing open ocean I would go with the xfactor. If your a guy over 220 I would go Xfactor if your under that the Extreme is more than up to the challenge of whatever you will throw at it!!! Good luck and try and test paddle both and see which one fits your needs better! Both boats will put you on fish! The first pic is an xfactor and the second is an extreme.....(I call this my JD tribute post)
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