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Default Re: Fishing Carlsbad, CA, Kelp Beds

So I have been hitting that same spot for calicos a couple times a week. Got it down fairly well. In twos hours typically 3-5 cali's, keep one for fresh dinner. Not a bad evening after work. The surf has been small and it is a piece of cake.

I have been looking at some charts and maps; it seems there is a bit of a canyon that runs almost up to that kelp (about 1/4 mile out from it). There has been really good WSB reports lately from Oceaside to Long Beach. I am going to give it a try Saturday morning at that spot. Planning on 5-5:30 am launch, go to the kelp then west until I hit 100-120 ft (that should put me at the edge of the canyon), and dropper loop dead squid on the drift. I'll give it a couple hours, and if nothing takes I'll go back in for some cali's.

Let me know if anyone would like to join me.
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