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Exclamation Re: PiranhaMax question

Marine Goop is a silicone for marine use. Even with that in mind, when I use it to glue down a puck I use a certain method that works for me. I find a mounting area that is flat so I can use a thin layer to secure the puck, and I find one that point straight down or as much as possible. Then I sand the area with 80 grit, and wipe it down with alcohol afterwards to get any residue off. I use a new tube of Goop so I'm sure it's fresh and has the least amount of air bubbles in it. I wipe down the puck with alcohol and run a continuos ribbon of goop on the bottom of the puck so the bottom is covered. Then I go to my spot I' going to mount it. I press it down and rotate it (about 1/8 turn) clockwise into it's final resting position in one smooth motion. While still applying downward pressure on it, I either put a 3-4lb weight on it so it won't lift up and draw air under it, or I'll duct tape it down then put a weight on it.

A few things to consider are you want as thin of a layer of goop that you can get away with. Second is the signal for your fish finder can't travel through air. If you have alot of bubbles in the goop, of say the puck is 3 inches around, and you have a small spot the size of a quarter with goop on it, that small spot is the only place the fish finder will get a signal from. Hope this helps,
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