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Old 10-08-2006, 08:57 PM
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Default ACE Hardware DIY cart

Well... this will be my first D.I.Y. and probably not the last. If I think something can be made cheaper with my own hands I usually will. I'll add pics tomorrow afternoon but here's a list of what I used.

1 Axle
1/2"x18" cold roll bar $2.79Name:  axle.JPG
Views: 1290
Size:  3.7 KB

2 1/2"x18" sch 80 pv $3.98
Cut to 11" for axle tube and cross barName:  axle collar crossbar.JPG
Views: 1292
Size:  2.5 KB

2 1/2" collars with allen set screw $4.60

2 1/2"x8" sch 80 pv $2.18
For uprights from axle tube
Name:  axle tube uprights.JPG
Views: 1286
Size:  4.1 KB

2 1/2"x6 sch 80 pv $1.78 (+2 @ .68 cheaper)
For kayak supports
Name:  kayaksupports.JPG
Views: 1282
Size:  3.6 KB

4 1/2" PVC tee fittings $1.16

2 5"x1" with 1/2"center wheels $5.98
Name:  wheels.JPG
Views: 1286
Size:  4.6 KB

Total so far.... $22.47

I was originally going to use the scupper holes but had to revise. To finalize I need 2 more 1/2"x6 sch 80 pv @ 1.78 and 2 feet of pipe insulation (hopefully less than a few dollars).

Final product tomorrow evening.

Added costs
2 1/2" pvc saddle clips for crossbar $1.70
2 more 1/2"x6 pv $1.10
6' pipe insulation $1.64

Final Total = $28.91 (I picked up the final items at Home Depot and prices were a bit cheaper ). Maybe I should have gone there first and saved a few bucks.

Final product...Name:  alltogether.JPG
Views: 1393
Size:  8.4 KB

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