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Old 03-19-2007, 07:55 PM
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Default April 14th Kayak Saltwater Bass Tournament

The Plastic Navy & Western Outdoor News Presents
The Fastlane Sailing Center Kayak Fishing Tournament!!
April 14th, At Dana Landing on Mission Bay

This is the First event of the 2007 tournament trail
Click here to Sign up now!!

Grand prize is min.$1001.00 Cash
There will also be prizes for 2nd through 5th place.

We will be serving our famous Mexican style BBQ followed by the awards ceremonies and finally the huge raffle.

We will launch from the Dana Landing launch Ramp at 7:00am. You must be back on the shore at the launch at 2:00pm. Award Ceremonies and BBQ will be held after the event at The Fastlane Sailing Center at Dana Landing.

Entry Fee for this event is $40.00


1. By participating in the Kayak Fish Nation and Plastic Navy websites, tournaments or events you must adhere to a code of sportsmanlike conduct. Any angler who violates the rules of the events may be disqualified and banned from future participation in all future PN and KFN events as well as all website interactions. This includes conduct before, during and after events both on and off the water as well as online. Conduct deemed inappropriate may be grounds for disqualification or denial from participation in any events or website activities. Judgments of conduct are at the sole discretion of the tournament directors, assisted by website moderators and host facility owners.

2. These tournaments are bass-only events. Sand, Spotted Bay and Calico Bass are the only allowable fish for weighing towards your final stringer. A tournament win is based on the total weight of 5 heaviest fish at the final weigh-in at 2pm.

3. All bass submitted must be alive and at least 13 in length excluding the December 8th, 2007 Kayak Fishing Classic where each bass must be at least 14" in length. Measurements are taken with the fish lying flat from the tip of a closed mouth to the center or "fork" of a naturally fanned tail. Attempting to weigh a short fish will cause a penalty of 1lb in addition to lowering your limit to 4 bass.
4. Artificial baits only. Scents are allowed squid or other cut bait is not. Berkley Gulp! is allowed.

5. All fishing must be from a kayak, canoe or float tube. No trolling motors or propulsion systems other than paddle, kick or pedal (ie: Hobie kayaks) is allowed.

6. Fish Finders and GPS units are allowed.

7. Tournament hours will be from 7am until 2pm. You are responsible for being on time to the final weigh-in.

8. New Rule: You and your kayak/tube/canoe must be on dry ground at the launch by the stated End Of Tournament (EOT) for your scorecard to count. If you are not back to the launch by EOT your card will be thrown out of competition for the day. You will still receive participation points (2) for attending the event in the Angler of the Year system.

9. Scoring will determined by the total weight of an angler's 5 heaviest bass as weighed by the weighboats.

10. You may weigh up to 10 total bass while complying with DFG regulations. The angler is responsible for keeping track of the number of fish weighed. Attempting to weigh more than 10 bass could result in disqualification.

11. Special Circumstances: The Tournament will be held on the date specified regardless of rain. In case of fog, the start time may be delayed until visibility is safe. In the event of a small craft advisory, gale, storm warning or military closure of the Bay, the Tournament fishing may be cancelled and all prizes will be awarded by drawing. No entry fees will be refunded for any reason.

Launch Procedures for the Fastlane Tournament April 14th, 2007

Please do not block the boat launch ramp.

Next to The Dana Landing Market there is a strip of grass. Pull up there and unload your kayak, rig up, then go find a legal parking spot. Most spots are reserved for trailers but there is plenty of legal free parking for everyone. At 6:30 we will carry or wheel the Kayaks to the far right side of the ramp to launch. This way there are no cars, trucks or kayaks blocking the ramp. After you are on the water you may paddle out of the marina or stay inside around the docks. We will have a weigh boat on the water just outside the marina acting as a start boat. After all the kayaks are on the water, the fishing will begin.

If you have wheels bring them!
Thanks, This is going to be a great day!!
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