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Old 06-02-2019, 05:09 PM
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Default New BEE , not new too ocean/boats/ just kayaks

NEW BEE , first post ,
Seasoned boater power & sail ,
Reside central Florida , 10 miles from St Johns River , Many years would launch St Johns. Loved too view gators along the bands, piece of the river ,
Years ago purchased a large boat keeping at ocean . Since purchase never go camping , shallow water excursions , checking out nature , MISSED IT

Other day walked into Sports Authority purchased 2 10 ft Pelican fishing Kayaks ,
During Recent days launched Wekiva River , local lake, Blue Spring state park
Blue Spring is known for Manatees , no power only paddle .
All of a sudden a shadow under my kayak , a huge grey manatee was 6 inches under my kayak , What a thrill ,
Hit St Johns a number of gators eye balling me & grandson ,
Back into a quiet area , I actually tied up too a tree limb ,
FELL ASLEEP , That never happens when I am in ocean
Had a great time ,
Even hit U-tube making a home made kayak rack for my F 350 ,
This is so nice , My plan this summer is too hit quite a few areas with grandson ,
Still addicted too ocean but kayaking is also so nice , at piece with nature
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Old 06-08-2019, 07:44 PM
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Default Re: New BEE , not new too ocean/boats/ just kayaks

Welcome from NC. Just purchased my wife a pelican 100: The catch. When I fish the bays at the coast I tie her to my Ocean Kayak with a long lead. She likes following me around with our two small poodles. She has been using a Walmart Kayak and we purchased the Pelican because of the width and room. She just got it so she hasn’t got to use it yet. I also equipped it with outriggers on the back for extra balance. I call them her training wheels.
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